Personal Training

Clifton Vaughan

“Over the 2 years I trained with Jamie I always found him to be professional, dedicated to his work and very knowledgable on fitness and health. Rehabilitating my knee and strengthening my core, Jamie helped me back into football after a torn meniscus and I'm so grateful to the dedication he put in. Thanks. I really wish him every success in Norfolk, and I know his new gym and personal training programmes will be a success. If anyone is lucky enough to train with him you'll soon realise!"

Gerry Wensley

“Jamie is a fantastic trainer, he always listens to what you want while still pushing your capabilities. He has worked with me for 5 years now and I’m extremely sorry to be losing him as he moves to Norfolk”

John Lucas

"Jamie-lee is the best trainer I have ever had. He pushes me to my limit every session yet I still go further than I expected to do"

Mr William R Nixon

"I met Jamie when I retired from full time work in February 2008. I had been a regular fitness enthusiast from the time I left school and Jamie was just what I needed to take me under his wing to see me through my retirement years. He was very helpful with advice and techniques required for keeping fit and strong in my latter years.

However, I was not to know that within a relatively short time I ...felt a degree of discomfort when running and was concerned that there might be a problem developing. I had hospital tests and it was a shock to realise that my arteries around the heart were in need of replacing. With immediate effect I had to change my exercises to a safer level and await surgery as well as taking cautionary medication to lessen the risk of heart attack or stroke prior to surgery. The time soon came I was being prepared for a major operation. During this time I had great care taken of my exercise routines to ensure I was doing sufficient exercise without overdoing it. It was of great importance to be fit for a major operation in order to recover fully and get back to an active level for rehabilitation under hospital supervision.

Some months later I was cleared by the hospital to return to the gym and build up strength and confidence in a structured manner. Jamie was a real help throughout the next three and a half years. He carried out regular checks and inventive programmes of a wide variety. Jamie’s experience and innate knowledge was to play a major part in bringing me back to the fitness level I had achieved. I am very pleased with the work Jamie has done for me.

During this period I experienced a setback when an old injury flared up. Jamie worked out a programme and gradually the left (dominant) shoulder showed steady improvement and the strength has returned to what was normal prior to the setback. I firmly believe that Jamie is responsible for bringing me back to the fitness level I had achieved before the shoulder setback. If he had not intervened and produced a well structured recovery programme of exercise, my well-being and enjoyment of life would have been severely curtailed.

Thanks to Jamie I have a new outlook on life and I look forward to a more active life than I could ever have expected at the age of seventy plus! "

Chrissie Dale

"Jamie has been my personal trainer for the last three years. He makes training challenging and fun. With his patience and perseverance, I'm the fittest I have ever been. I have lost a stone in weight, changed body shape and am much more toned. He knows my limitations - but has a knack of getting me to push myself using the reversed-psychology approach. I do suffer from asthma - but in the last couple of years, I have rarely used my inhaler, with my fitness improving so much thanks to Jamie. Jamie does not only train myself, but my husband Steve too. A couple of years ago, he had an accident where he shattered his heal in 13 places. He couldn't walk for 6 months and underwent 2 operations. Thanks to Jamie giving Steve custom-made sessions, he made a very rapid recovery, also losing weight and changing body shape in the process."

Geoff Baby

"I am 59 years old and have been exercising under the instruction of Jamie Weller for one year. I feel fitter and stronger than I did several years ago. Jamie makes his classes interesting, challenging and fun."

Liz Wilson

"For the past three years, Jamie-lee has been personally responsible for my training programme. He has been both approachable and supportive in making sure the programme has been specific to my needs. He has regularly reviewed and adapted the exercises depending on the progress that I have made and my level of fitness and stamina has significantly improved.

Jamie has a friendly yet professional approach. I have total confidence in him and have never been let down or disappointed by the support he has provided. He actually insures that going to the gym is an enjoyable experience."

Lisa Warren

"As a qualified sports massage therapist its rare to come across someone with the confidence and extensive knowledge Jamie Lee has. Whether your male or female whatever the injury or problem you may be experiencing your in good hands with Jamie."

Charles St. John

"To exercise is an achievement
To walk without pain is success".
Thank you Jamie.

Carol Brierley

"I am 65 years old and have been training with Jamie since February 2011. I work out on the Power Plate under his guidance and supervision. He makes the workout challenging and fun and continually reviews my progress and introduces new techniques to raise my level of fitness and stamina. He has significantly improved my posture and sense of balance, I have lost weight and my "spare tyre" is diminishing and I now feel fitter and stronger."

Alison Coats

"I have been personal training with Jamie now for over five months and I have exceeded all my expectations regarding my fitness levels compared to where I was under a year ago. Jamie makes my training challenging on every session, pushing me to limits I never thought I could reach, but at the same time making every session fun and enjoyable. My body shape has changed completely since starting the sessions and overall I feel much healthier in myself."

Alex H.

"Jamie really sorted my shoulder for me! Feels as good as new"

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