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"My ultimate professional ambition is to train a Formula 1 world champion." Jamie-Lee Weller

In motorsport, for a driver to perform to their maximum potential, it is vital that they are in peak physical and mental condition. I provide a comprehensive service designed to help drivers surpass the fitness requirements necessary for their category of racing.

I offer both personal fitness training and event support, with experience in the following areas:

British Formula Renault and Renault BARC

The Le Mans Series

British F3

Formula Jedi

Formula One Test Drivers

British Super Bikes.

Fitness Training and Therapy

With each driver comes a different set of requirements and logistics. After an initial consultation, I will design a customised training package aimed at maximising the driver's physical and mental well-being, preparing them to race.

The services that can be incorporated into packages include:

Strength and conditioning

Stretching, recovery and core stability

Exercise programmes to complete at home

Deep tissue massage

Driver-specific diet plans

Sports psychology counselling

Relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques.

Benefits of training for Motorsport include:

Improved muscular endurance

Increased cardiovascular fitness

Greater muscular strength

Improved concentration for longer periods of time

Less physical and mental fatigue in the car

Heightened awareness and reaction times

Calmer, controlled driving.

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