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For all sportspersons, knowing they are in peak physical and mental condition every time they train or compete is of the utmost importance. Using strength and conditioning along with functional training techniques we develop and synchronise the athletes mind and body, to adapt to the dynamic and physiological demands of their sport.

A breakdown of the services I provide:

  • One to one and team strength and conditioning for your sport
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Performance-enhancing diet plans
  • Sports psychology counselling

Benefits include:

  • Improved muscular strength and endurance
  • Increased power, speed and acceleration
  • Dynamic flexibility, balance, coordination and reactions
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Heightened concentration and a calmer, controlled performance
  • Team building / Inter-club "friendly" competition

We offer two membership options for sports clubs

  1. Club Membership: £200 per month – Unlimited classes for athletes at the club.
    * Excludes GP Referral.
  2. Strength & Conditioning courses suitable for 6-12 athletes
    • A four week course £200
    • 2 x four week course £350

The second option provides the opportunity to assess the group and individuals development and accurately progress the athletes in the second mesocycle.

Courses must be booked and paid for at least 7 days prior to the first lesson. Subject to availability.

Additional services are available on request including sports massage therapy, sports nutritional and sports psychology.

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Of course there is the more traditional telephone option. Call me for more advice!  01508 531620